i think morality as a human trait is much shallower than people think, whether it’s about how nice you are to your friends, how much money you donate or your dietary choices. it’s much closer to how well people exercise (physically) as a trait, than say one’s self-acceptance which is deeply embedded into their psyche. sure some are more naturally-inclined than others, but it’s also true that most people can practice it, making it quickly much easier to do and resulting in improvement.

insofar as it is a deep character trait or personal belief, it lives in the value system,,, not the part of morality that corresponds with executing that value system. christianity might be the closest thing you can get to a coach or gym for morality though? other than that i guess we just have to find enough self-awareness and activation energy to start a practice

(i used to anguish about donating 10% but i’ve been able to do much more [at a faster rate than my income increases] without it being difficult and without me changing how much i care about causes or whatever)