Please stop stepping on my acronyms, OPT is a visa not a language model. Gato. I'm behind on papers. Like really behind. Good stats work on best-of-n sampling from OpenAI, not really about Goodhart's law. AIs doing things that help! Fanfiction.

It feels a little strange that I work on AI but we can't even do colours right. This is my life now. Conflict free replicated data types should be called cfrdts. Zstandard is better zipping (particlarly high decompression speed) and offers speed/compression tradeoffs. Obviously better options for old tech, zstandard is this for compression, ripgrep for grepping, and BLAKE2 for hashing. It took a few tries but I learned about eigenvalues. Wikipedia compression contest! Cosmopolitan.

Excellent format for EA critique critique. Excellent EA critique. EA critique that's too Gen Z. Investigating Climate Change, see also, Tweet Thread. Lovely!!

Memes are embeddings. Lim-lim-limerence, my fave. Being half-hearted seems hard, my crushes will receive maximum affection. Creepiness as the feeling when you are playing an infinite game but someone else is treating it as a finite game.

Known for ReiserFS, murder. Psychedelic kombucha.

I'm sick of hearing about Twitter tbh. Private Markets Will Pump The Oil.