Cozy futurism. Meta-science feels a lot like EA cause area research. I googled "longtermism" for the first time and the first result was this hit piece. Aella summarizes everything about polyamory any rationalist has ever said to me. "Longtermism" was named less than three years ago! Prepare for your startup to pivot, but for your life.

Never debug off-by-one in a binary search ever again. Old comparison of TPUs vs GPUs. Cranks are dangerously relatable, though one of them tried to let pi = 2. We all live by the same accelerator limitations for deep learning brrrr. Finally read the DeepMind Red Teaming blogpost. Nvidia's GPU Performance Background doc, also this one.

Nobody Wants Russian Assets, Kenny G plays CoD. Russia's Finances Are Closing Up, tax-free Russian tanks. Nickel Is Cancelled, if someone at the SEC is looking to hire an intern to analyse Elon tweets, I'll do it. ESG Goes To War, "If you are perfectly honest, that will limit your career". Nickel Blowup Made a Lot of Trouble, "Yeah, no, you don't want to be too correct" is generally good advice. AMC Bought A Goldmine, I'm waiting for someone to buy tungsten mines. Nickel Can't Find A Price, I'm so glad Matt's not doing crypto. Everyone Wants to do ESG Now except i only read the nickel section.