From late grade nine to early grade twelve, I collected hundreds of individual plants and over a dozen different species. Below a crapton of photos I could find, though right here I'll include a list of plants I have owned.

  • Dionaea Muscipula
  • Sarracenia purpurea
  • Utricularia vulgarius
  • Nepenthes ampullaria
  • Nepenthes ventrata
  • Pinguicula Zerchi x Agnata
  • Pinguicula Moraensis
  • Pinguicula Vulgaris
  • Drosera Capensis alba
  • Drosera Capensis red
  • Drosera Spatulata
  • Drosera Hamiltonii
  • Drosera Aliciae
  • Drosera Binata
  • Drosera Intermedia
  • Drosera Indica
  • Drosera Tokaensis
  • Drosera Natalensis
  • Drosera Burmannii red

Everyone asks WHY I have this hobby, and the answer is that when I started high school there was a cute boy who was interested in it and using my highly rational mind, I decided this was the obvious way to impress him. It did not work, but I did end up genuinely loving these babies <3 My first drosera that was gifted to me is named Gordon (rest in peace buddy).

Some interesting facts about these plants!

  • Most of them grow in pure peat moss. Alternative soils / other fertizilers will often kill them. Because of this, I also have to wash the soil before using it.
  • They can also grow in live peat moss. I got live peat moss for my plants at one point and it looked beautiful.
  • Some of these plants (namely pinguicula) require cold stratification, where the seeds are left in the freezer in a humid plastic bag to simulate going through winter.
  • Some of these plants are native to Canada! Others are not and had to be protected in a baggie because my house is too cold :(
  • Some of these plants took months to germinate, making them all the more special <3 <3 <3
  • I often cut the flower stalk before it bloomed, as many plants die after flowering.

Next goal:

  • As soon as I have a more permanent place on residence, I plan on collecting succulents and cacti!