Transformers for Software Engineers. A guilty pleasure. Software Mise en place. A hacked Cue Reader, featuring some of the most cursed Java code I've seen in a while. Haha, yes, the colours are wrong. Pathways, A Language Model. The lies we tell ourselves to keep using Golang, but I don't think "Its attractive async runtime and GC make up for everything else" is a lie, and then a ddos.

I'd like to be level 0 on Kegan's Levels, alas. Molten Salt Fission Reactors. DK is fake? Look it's all a scam. Eric Jang on his way to Rome. Pessimism is stupid.

Elon Musk Bought Some Twitter and got bounced from a techno club. Elon Musk Got a Twitter Board Seat. Elon Musk Is Active Now. Distressed-Debt Deal Makes People Mad. Elon Musk’s Work on Twitter’s Board Is Done. Will Elon Musk Buy More Twitter?. Sure Elon Musk Might Buy Twitter. Twitter Has A Poison Pill Now. The Stability of Algorithmic Stablecoins. Elon Checks His Pockets. Oh Fuck, Elon Got His Money. Elon Closes In. Elon Got His Deal!!!!!!